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Benchmarking Open Source Payroll Software compared with the average characteristics of HR and Payroll software products. We can compare how open source hr and payroll software covers HR and Payroll feature by feature versus a benchmark of HR and Payroll software solutions across 6 distinct functional areas. This represents a total of 1,152 possible evaluation criteria, listed below:

Open Source Payroll Software Automation

ODOO HR and Payroll covers 90% of the feature set for Sales Force Automation. In addition, open source HR and payroll software solution offers slightly better coverage of Sales Force Automation. The functionality compared to the average HR and Payroll software solution in our database (90% vs 87%).


With very good coverage, if Sales Force Automation is an important factor for your organization. You may consider shortlisting  ODOO Open Source Payroll Software.

Marketing Automation in Open Source Payroll Software

Open source payroll software covers 86% of the functionalities for Marketing Automation. The HR and Payroll software coverage of Marketing Automation capabilities.

Open Source Payroll Software
Open Source Payroll Software

With similar to that of the average system for which we have data (86% vs 85%). It does not distinguish itself from the competition on Marketing Automation functionality.

Open Source Payroll Software with Customer Service & Support

The covers 96% of the feature set for Customer Service and Support. HR and Payroll software solution offers significantly better coverage of Customer Service & Support functionality than the average system (96% vs 76%). If Customer Service & Support is an important functionality for your organization, It may be worth shortlisting for examination in further detail.

Analytics & Reporting ON Open Source Payroll Software

Microsoft Dynamics HR and Payroll solutions offer 68% coverage of Analytics and Reporting functionality. Which is not competitive with other HR and Payroll solutions (68% vs 82%). For Analytics and Reporting, HR and Payroll offers some coverage, but its coverage would have to improve in order to compete with others and Payroll software packages.

Extended open source payroll software

ODOO Payroll covers 76% of the Extended HR and Payroll software functional criteria. Furthermore, Bassam Infotech offers slightly better coverage of extended HR and Payroll software characteristics than the average Payroll software system (76% vs 71%). It’s slightly better coverage than its competitors, you may consider shortlisting ODOO HR and Payroll if this functionality is important to your organization.

Product Technology

Open source HR and payroll software covers 43% of the Product Technology requirements. Which is not competitive with other HR and Payroll solutions (43% vs 72%).Conclusion: HR and Payroll compared against other open source payroll software packages. As seen above, HR and Payroll outperforms the average HR and Payroll software solution. Whether or not HR and Payroll is worth further consideration will depend on the weight your organization assigns to specific evaluation criteria.

ODOO open source payroll software vs the Market

We can conclude from those benchmark comparison results that the HR and Payroll solution has some chances to be shortlisted by buyers. You are trying to select the HR and Payroll solution best matching their functional, technical and business needs. Software purchasers are reminded how important it is to define your organization’s requirement.

Note that this benchmarking exercise is performed solely in terms of the extended coverage of HR and Payroll functions. It does not take into account the relative importance of these factors to decision makers. In addition to your users’ requirements and the needs of your stakeholders, a real-world software evaluation can include financial and other factors.

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